Subcommittee on Health and Human Services


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Senator Frank Simpson

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Vice Chairman

Senator Paul Rosino

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  • Allison Ikley-Freeman
  • Rob Standridge
  • John Haste
  • Greg McCortney
  • Bill Coleman
  • Brent Howard
  • Julia Kirt
  • Jason Smalley
  • Dave Rader
  • Will Robinson

    Fiscal Analyst


    Lori Block

    Staff Attorney


    David Crall

    Legislative Analyst


    Liz Park-Capron 

    Director of Support Services




    Department of Health

    Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse

    Department of Veterans Affairs

    J.D. McCarty Center

    Oklahoma Health Care Authority

    Oklahoma State University Medical Authority

    University Hospital Authority

    Commission on Children and Youth

    Department of Human Services

    Department of Rehabilitative Services

    Office of Disability Concerns

    Office of Juvenile Affairs